Thursday, 2 June 2011


Travel broadens the mind , it is true! For me travel is as much about learning from incidents and negative experiences as it is about new and exciting ones. From these experiences you grow to understand other cultures and develop tolerance to attitudes and beliefs of others. The very fact that I can travel reminds me of how extremely fortunate I am, and even given the expense and effort of such travel, the rewards are always well worth the effort. From the outset of my foray into kettlebell sport in 2005 it was always my goal to forge bonds with sportsmen and women from around the globe , and to compete in a truly international arena.

I don’t tolerate inefficiency , but am not tempted by the devil of impetuosity - nor am I one to rush at a goal - whether it be a repetition number or ranking. For me , those achievements are secondary to the achievement of new skills , and learnings which I can help to disseminate to others. It is true that racing improves the breed , thus I never pass up the opportunity to compete - whether it be an internet virtual event or one I am able to travel to . Distances are frustrating , but short of emigrating I have no choice but to get off my posterior & commit! Russian guys thik nothing of hopping on a train from Siberia to St Petersburg. Competing at any level results in much greater potential for learning and ultimately achieving than any amount of navel gazing ,  blog browsing or watching You Tube .

Yes , I am overseas again , not competing – well,  not with kettlebells, but there lies another tale - but to observe , listen and learn. Jad Marinovic & I have participated  in the IKSFA training camp in Russia and successfully completed their requirements for Kettlebell Sport coach qualification. To learn directly from 7 multiple world champions and coaches was an incredible and humbling experience.

It is clear from analysis of results that this country is the seat of deep knowledge of kettlebell training for GS and other sports and activities. And no great surprise that another great font of knowledge lies a short distance away in Latvia , homebase of the IUKL.

Our  goals of establishing friendly bonds with federational representatives , coaches and athletes from many countries -  and importantly to improve personal skills of movement -  have been well and truly met by this course.

I am always interested in the most efficient and effective methods of training , but these vary greatly between individuals and with the passage of time. I want to know how to best organise and implement training programs , given that most of us in Australia are not exactly professional kettlebell athletes. Appropriate goal setting , ancillary training and recovery methods are major points of interest . From a purely selfish point of view I wish to find out if it is feasible to continue making headway with 32kg KBs at nearly 50 years of age. I am also continually fascinated by the potential for KBs to be utilised to enhance performance in other sports I enjoy and participate in.

World Champion athlete Vasily Ginko,  representing the  IUKL has already handed us a blazing torch that has potential inscribed around the sides. Jad & myself  have been able to add to the reservoir of that torch with the good oil of IKSFA , so that all our current athletes and those sniffing at the fringes can benefit . With this torch we shall light the cauldron of Girevoy Sport in Australia!

With the best knowledge and the most committed athletes , the possibilities are endless. Are you a spectator or a player? What is your mettle with metal? Human potential is endless and if you are made of the right stuff , you can be a champion.

Kind Regards,
Paul Tucker 

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