Monday, 21 May 2012

Rolling the snowball...

GSAA is in a consolidation and building phase. Together with other nations , our members are spreading information and enthusing athletes from all disciplines to become actively involved with this sport. There are dozens of well informed coaches in this country , armed with the latest training methods , and it is their responsibility to disseminate this information as well as fly the flag by participating in the competition arena. This can include locally and regionally in gym/club challenges and competitions - as well as larger, more formal competitions. In our planned national competition there is ample scope for contributions - e.g. team coaches and captains , judges , platform referees as well as active platform competition.

To develop and evolve it remains crucial to promote the sport at local level in the form of local clubs and teams.  This provides focus , knowledge and camaraderie as well as a friendly environment to encourage competition. Without competition,  standards remain shallow and potential never fully realised.

A collective approach with the broad goal of gaining official sports acceptance remains a critical thrust in the broad goals established by this Association. At this stage the sport is still regarded as "niche", however there is no doubt GS has tremendous potential for participants at all levels of strength and conditioning. We are a nation of fun runners and "have a go" triathletes - indeed no shortage of people prepared to get off their backsides and commit to regular progressive training - and there is absolutely no doubt kettlebell sport provides superior physical parameters without the impact and strain injuries that beset the above activities. And as we know , the kettlebell sport can be trained with minimal equipment and expense - with maximal time efficiency. Thus we have massive unrealised potential for participation . The larger the athlete base , the higher percentage of top level sportsmen and women will emerge - with the benefit of providing Australia with a truly competitive international team of the future.

We can make this happen . Given that kettlebell enthusiasts have already seen outside the square of traditional methods and activities, surely all that is missing is collective effort in promoting local and regional team building and competition? We know the standards (e.g. comprehensive ranking systems of IKFF/IKSFA and IUKL) and have the knowledge to take beginners to high levels of performance. Success depends upon marketing and given that many coaches/trainers have a direct financial stake in the kettlebell business it is obvious that promotion of kettlebell sport can act as a powerful performance marketing arm of this business.

Kettlebells are designed for power endurance ; the best KB results are shown by girevoy sport athletes. These "stars" by and large are busy with training committments, thus rely upon others to promote them and their sport.

In recent years we have received significant contributions including knowledge , facilities , equipment and time from several organisations and individuals. Our thanks go to the IUKL , IKSFA , IKFF , Kettlebell Athletica gym , Stockade gym , Punchfit gym , vice president Mick Valentine at Bondi Junction , Strength to Strength gym, Tough Love kettlebells and Australian Kettlebells. GSAA personnel and members are stoking the boilers of our mothership but we require ongoing and new support to succeed with our goals.

GSAA enthusiastically welcomes AKI (Australian Institute of Kettlebells) as a new sponsor for 2012-13 . Sydney based , AKI is ideally placed to consolidate and grow the KB sport business in the most populous state. They comprise a strong and cohesive team of highly qualified KB focussed individuals and we look forward to working with them to encourage new participants to our sport.

Stay tuned for details about the 2012 GSAA national competition.

Stay focussed and train smart.
As always , Fortitudine Vincimus!
Paul Tucker

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