Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thought for the day : battle tomorrow!

Everywhere today the “hardcore” fitness industry is extolling its modern day “warriors” to take part in the “combat” of strength and endurance events. This is merely a reflection of our relatively peaceful times , and modern sport is not just a means of entertainment or social fitness pursuit – it is a paradigm of our ancestor’s more turbulent times. Plus of course a chance to safely let off steam in an healthy environment.  The warriors wear war paint (zinc, ink) , take potions (the supplement industry promises victory and eternal life whilst removing your blockages) and recant spells (warcries , prayers).

But you know what? To succeed in modern sport requires two simple but hard won virtues. The capacity for and commitment to hard disciplined work – and the application of the brain muscle to clever progressive training.

We can ponder this on the eve of our Sydney Regional  Kettlebell Sport competition at NRG Primal fitness.  Our able senior officers are marshalling the troops to go over the top in terms of personal performance , whilst they maintain  a gaze on the horizon of better results. This competition has been able to secure the services of an highly decorated warrior , multiple world champion Sergey Rudnev. He will compete , judge and assist whilst his role as an educational General in the ranks of ISFA continue into the following days as the IKSFA certification is conducted.

Girevoy Sport is a no nonsense , ego busting sport which does not require potions , spells or chest beating. There are some simple requirements , which are more to do with character than , as in some unnamed sports – appearance and acting ability!

The other day I uncovered an old quote in my archives. Without digging into the more militaristic paragraphs , this fellow knows what it takes to develop strong character , good habits and qualities we can pass on to our students and descendants. A little might be lost in the translation but the gist is quite clear.

Stay strong , fit , healthy and most of all happy, Best of lifting luck , comrades!


Yuri Vlasov - strongest person of the planet In the future will be required not only sharp mind, but also sharp claws, steel muscles. Bring up from yourself athlete and you will become famous. Make from yourself a conqueror in the sport, you will feel itself capable of conquering the entire world. Having the strong, accustomed to the pain hands, you have more than chances to survive. Protect yourself, your relatives, friends. Try each morning to wake up at 6 o´clock. In the morning looking at yourself into the mirror, you will be proud of yours pumped body. If head from the yesterday’s party in the morning aches, do not drink yesterday. There are free 40 minutes. - Run. To doing it is possible and with 2-3 km you will run once a week, you will cease to choke in 1,5 months, resounding drunk comrades on the houses. In the course of one hour after run it is better not to eat anything, to drink a little ordinary water.

Do not walk with kalasnikov. Uniform power load dulls. Study fight, boxing…”


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