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David Tabain Interview

Dave is a young guy who represents a certain demographic, those young easy going yet ambitious folk who keep us older bods on our toes!  The world is Dave’s oyster and he’s giving it a damn good shucking!   If the character and potential of this man passes to the next generation we should see ‘Team Tabain’ representing GSAA at the Olympics, certainly in my lifetime.  He is playing a vital role in stimulating enthusiasm for the sport in youth ranks, essential in creating a strong seedbed for the formation of state and national teams.  Dave Tabain is a veritable pied piper and already has a strong local team willing to commit to travel and competition!

What is your training background?
I’ve been training with Kettlebells and barbells for around about 5-6 years after being introduced to this type of training by Mark Elliot my old English teacher back at school when looking for a way to improve my swimming times.

How did you get into girevoy sport?

I think it was a natural progression to want to compete with Kettlebells after training with them for so long. Over time I saw a lot of posts by Paul Tucker on the AKB Forum that interested me and motivated me to step up to the platform.

Who is your coach?
I do not have a coach. I use my own body to test what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve always believed you have to practice what you preach so by training myself I try to be a product of my own coaching. I try hard to lead by example for my clients. Although I do ask Paul Tucker for advice from time to time and I never stop learning.

What are some of your personal Records?

2 x 40kg Jerks x 5reps
BW Deadlifts in 10min 147 @ 80kg with alternate grip
201reps 70kg Deadlifts in 10mins
1500 16kg snatches in 60min
2 x 24kg Jerk 114 reps
24kg Snatch 240reps
276 16kg snatches in 10mins
80kg windmill 2 x40kg
48kg Turkish get up R/L
56kg jerk 3 reps L/R
82 pistol Squats L/R one leg change

 What do you like about GS

The Technique, the challenge, the rewards and its something I can do that I cant kill my self doing.

How many competitions have you entered?

So far I have competed in 5 International and National Competitons.
GSAA March 2010: 2 x 20kg Jerk 110reps, 20kg snatch 242reps. GSAA April 2011: 2x24kg Jerk 110reps. 24kg Snatch 240reps.
1st Place
WKC Las Vegas 2010: 2x24kg Jerk 88reps, 24kg Snatch 197reps.
1st Place
GSAA December 2010: 2x24kg Jerk 104reps, 24kg Snatch 217reps.
1st Place
IKFF March 2011: 2x24kg Jerk 114reps, 24kg Snatch 232reps. 1st Place, pound for pound title and most reps winner
GSAA April 2011: 2x24kg Jerk 110reps. 24kg Snatch 240reps.
1st Place

What is your goals?

120reps+ 2x28kgs, 220+reps Snatch 28kg and continue to grow the sport.

Tell us a little bit about your training week:

My training week involves teaching 19 classes, and I manage to fit in 3 serious training sessions per week. These last 3 months I’ve just become full time focusing on my studio which is making it easier to train as before the majority of my training sessions happened around midnight just before going to bed.

What do you like about kettlebell training?

Its fun, rewarding, dynamic, challenging and so far I have found it to be one of the best training tools for the body.

How long have you been doing GS for?
Just over a year, first competition was March last year.

Do you think you have the qualities to become a world class KB sport athlete?

I guess time will sort that one out, let’s wait and see.

In your opinion, which one quality best defines a great GS athlete?


What advice can you give to guys your age contemplating this sport?

Train hard. Prove you’re self on the platform frequently. Don’t get caught up in “making rank” and then moving onto a heavier bell before you are really ready. Set your standards higher then the bare minimum required. always. Don’t wait for the perfect time, there isn’t one. You only get out what you put in. Do your best always. Don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done, if people tell u that prove them wrong every time and make a point of it.

What other sports and activities can directly benefit from cross training using GS methods?

Motorcross, skateboarding, snowboarding, kick/boxing, BJJ, MMA, rally cars, GS and anything that gets the adrenaline pumping.


Motorcross, skateboarding, snowboarding, kick/boxing, BJJ, MMA, rally cars, GS anything that gets the adrenaline pumping.

Sorry to ask this Dave , but you're a bit of a catch for the ladies; are you currently accounted for?

Haha um.. Recently single after 5 years.

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