Wednesday, 7 September 2011

GSAA National Competition - this Saturday September 10th

We're now counting down the hours to the inaugural National "one location" GS Championship held in Australia. There are 26 registered athletes , some more seasoned than others , but all have made considerable sacrifices to train up for this event. On a per capita basis this is a very good result and we are confident of bigger and better events to follow. For this is a sport that offers something for everyone , being categorised in weight divisions - with plenty of variety.

In this competition we are affiliated with the IKFF/IKSFA and our athlete's rankings will be formally recognised. Such rankings provide a accessible carrot of achievement which can be dangled in front of one's own nose for motivation or future athletes for inspiration. Soon , GSAA will post a records page which will further act to stimulate committed training and generation of our own band of heroes. Records will be set this Saturday , and as they say , records are there to be broken. So there are no limits to achievement if you really want to be a hero. Just competing is heroic! As we say in GSAA "Fortitudine Vincimus" - by endurance we conquer (and fortune favours the fearless!)

We are extremely grateful for the assistance provided by sponsors Punchfit Gym Randwick (comp hosted by Cindy Boniface & associates) and Stockade Training Centre - the latter are sponsoring our competition medals in 2011-12

Spectators are welcome; see you at 1.30!

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